Rapé shamaúma Snuff – Tribe KUNTANAWA – Powder grams


This Kuntanawa Meditation Wave Rape’ is hand made by the Kuntanawa tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

The energy of this beautiful medicine washes over you like a calming wave. Working from the crown chakra and rippling in a wave all the way down to the root chakra. Anchoring you and grounding you into the earth. Helping you to feel more relaxed, centered and calm.

Balanced with both masculine and feminine energies making this a beautiful medicine for meditation.

This natural product is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for any specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen. The product is packaged as botanical specimen and is not intended, branded, labelled, or marketed as a consumer product.

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The Kuntanawa (translated “the tribe of the Babassu palm or Babassu coconut”) people have always defended their spirituality as their principle of existence. They have always used plants to have straight contact with the beings of the forest and the spirits, like this they learned how to cure their tribe with their own traditional medicine and until today they maintain their practices. Their rapé has a very unique vibration, it has a strong spiritual connection that brings the attention inwards and calms down, so the healing and understanding can enter from the spirit of the medicine.


Sometimes they add other plants with cosmologic powers which bring luck, tranquility and other benefits, which are used in other ways as well to protect people and bless the hunters. They say it helps them to have strength, clarity and power to have the right attitude and to take the right decisions. Interesting is that it seems to be more active on the chest and in the heart region as in the head. It is typically mild, burns less in the nose and in the brain and many people consider it heart opening. It contains usually Tobacco and ashes (“Tsunu” Platycyamus regnellii) but some other recipes contain Samauma, Nissural, Jarina, Sanssara and others.

Origin: Brazil, Acre
Plants used by the Kuntanawas in their rapés (among others):

Jarina flower: this is a very fine and appreciated rape among the Kuntanawas, they say that the Jarina flowers makes them invisible to enemies, spiritual and physical ones, and helps to keep them always far.

Sanssara: brings luck and cures Panema (O conceito de panema passou ao linguajar popular da Amazônia com o significado de “má sorte”, “desgraça”, “infelicidade”.)

Cawarãnik: has the power to heal physical and spiritual illness and brings luck in love and attraction. Samauma: is the biggest tree in the Amazon, considered sacred by all tribes, also know as the mother

tree. It strengthens the organism, cures head aches and brings good dreams. Cumaru: helps to cure head aches and strengthens the nervous system.

Prices are per gram.

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