Sananga – Eye Drop – Enlightment – Awareness (ibogaine) Tabernaemontana undulata


Sananga is a very powerful sacred eye medicine, which is made from a shrub called “Apocynaceae” from the Amazon jungle.

Each eye dropper bottle contains 20 ml of pure Sananga liquid. You only need 1 drop in each eye per session.

Our super special, extremely strong, and very rare Sananga comes directly from the Brazilian indigenous tribe called Nukini.

The bark of this special shrub’s root is used to make these sacred eye drops, which is traditionally used by the indigenous peoples to lift “panema” – it can be thought of as bad luck, depression, laziness, sadness, or negative energetic influences, which attract difficulties and disease.

Also, traditionally they use it for improving their hunting skills; in order to sharpen their sense perceptions and awareness whilst hunting in the Amazon jungle.

The beautiful spirit of Sananga assists us to deeply cleanse on the energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Also, it assists us to unblock, re-align, open-up all the chakras, and release any stuck energy and sickness.

On the energetic level, Sananga profoundly helps to open-up the inner sight, third eye, visions, activates the pineal gland, clears any mental confusion, releases negative thoughts, and deeply cleanses the whole aura from the inside out.


This natural product is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for any specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen. The product is packaged as botanical specimen and is not intended, branded, labelled, or marketed as a consumer product.

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On the physical level, it can profoundly assist with healing various eye conditions – such as short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia), dystrophies, glaucoma, cataracts, etc.Generally, during many indigenous ceremonies with the Yawanawa, Kaxinawa-Huni Kuin, and Nukini (Brazilian Indigenous tribes), they use Sananga and Rapé during Ayahuasca (nixi pae) ceremonies to assist with opening-up the visions, third-eye chakra and pineal gland, clearing any mental confusion, removing any energetic blockages, and purging stuck energy.Application and Suggested Usage:

  • Apply: Only 1 drop in each eye
  • It is essential to apply to both eyes, one after the other immediately – in order to balance out the energies on both sides. Flutter your eyelids for few seconds immediately after application to ensure that the medicine reaches the whole eye.
  • Please allow for at least 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time for each session, whilst playing your personal favourite sacred music.
  • Ideally, apply drops in lying down position with eyes closed after application. After applying the drops to the eyes, you may experience very intense stinging and extreme burning sensations for few minutes. However, it will subside after a few minutes.
  • It’s suggested that you inhale and exhale deeply, and surrender to the intense sensations, which only last short period of time. Also, this will give you an opportunity to deeply connect with the Spirit of this beautiful and sacred medicine.
  • If you wear contact lenses, then please ensure that you remove them before application.
  • Please note that you may experience purging, vomiting, and bowel movements, where stuck energy and sickness is being released.
  • For people who want to work intensively with this sacred medicine, we would suggest once per day for 1 month, and see how you get on. Everyone will be different, depending upon their specific needs and individual conditions.

Storage: For best storage conditions, please keep the bottle refrigerated in cool fridge.

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