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This is a new batch. Apurina Verde is a gentle and subtle Rapé with mild jungle overtones, that leaves a pleasant aroma with a fresh and heightened awareness. Apurina Verde contains no tobacco and no ashes, and therefore is good for users that prefer the cleansing without the powerful effects and possible purging. The initial physical effect is fairly mild but the effect on the mind is cleared of background chatter almost instantly. At low doses users of the grey Rapé types will most likely find it unnoticeable until sometime after they have stopped using other Rapé’s and had a chance to clear themselves in advance. With Larger doses Apurina when used in a fresh state of awareness and with a clear channel has an intense sharp slicing quality, not unlike the Nunu from the Matsés tribe. Watering of the eyes is unlikely in small amounts but in larger doses has been noticeable. Tendency to purge with Apurina Verde is minimal and the residual effects leave the user in a heightened state, grounded and clear.

This Rapé serves as a mild yet intelligent tool for the beginner, or for those that prefer a tobacco free Rapé. It ofcourse also blends well with Tobacco or Rapé or Tsunu, to create your own unique personal Rapé blend. This batch of Apurina is extremely fine powder.

Origin: Brazil, Acre.

The Snuff Apurinã is done with AWIRI, Tobacco Green Special that grows at the edge of rivers of Acre / Brazil. When Amazonian rivers are in flood season, Snuff this can not be done, and because of this factor, it is a fine, rare and highly sought Snuff.Also known as SNUFF GREEN, he bypasses the heating processes in the fire, being a living Snuff and Fresh (Raw).The Snuff is a Sacred Medicine, and its benefits are many, varied cures, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, is a powerful spirit that comes from the forest and should be treated as such, its misuse can reverse the blessings into curses, therefore not Toma” Snuff all the time, only within the context Ceremonial qualified person, and should keep in mind a well-defined purpose, for Snuff thing is Serious.Wild tobacco is a very powerful and healing, in its original state and the correct way to use plant. Tobacco is one of the most sacred plants of shamanism. He smoked the pipe ritualistic or snuff, carries prayers to the Universe.

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